I made my first commercial1 web page somewhere in 2007 using HTML, CSS and… Flash. I remember I was proud of myself at first, but every time I looked at this page I thought “what a crap is that?!”. I changed one thing, maybe two, it looked better for me, cool! Then someone asked me to revert these changes or alter something else, cause the current version is not ideal, so I changed it again, and again… I think over 10 years later I’m quite in the same situation, just using different tools :-)

In the meantime, I became an IT engineer, a pug owner, and a homemade pizza/burgers specialist. I also traveled a lot. I spent 3 years outta home2, coordinating IT services for tennis tournaments. Wondering how does it look like? Imagine wild capybaras walking just next to you while you’re dealing with a Brazilian electrician3 talking about the power supply problems on the live event being performed right now, which of course you’re responsible for. Sounds cool, huh? That was awesome!

Currently, I’m a Ruby on Rails Developer at Netguru, working remotely from my calm office in Silesia, Poland. I code on my daily basis, I watch football, I blog from time to time, I cook, I learn all the time, but first of all - I’m a father.

Wanna more official details? See featured page, check my github or twitter. Feel free to contact me any way you want, I’m always happy to talk, as long as I know what’s going on :-)

1. I worked for a small company and was the only person who could take care of it
2. By outta home I mean, more or less, a place between Azerbaijan and Peru, but not in the straight line, so e.g. Marocco, Chile, and Panama are also included :-)
3. You don’t know Portuguese, he doesn’t know English, there is no Internet